**Click Here** to learn the 5 steps to getting your home listed with us!Shelley McNamara, REALTOR®

The first step to sold, is our meeting and consultation. We start off with a phone meeting, in office meeting or I will meet you at your favorite coffee spot for a consultation. That’s when you let me know your real estate goals, needs, limitations and expectations. Or we can just start right at Step Two. All discussions are kept completely confidential.
An in home personal tour consultation determines what we need to do to showcase your home. It is then we discuss possible editing of personal items such as family photographs, cleaning, painting, repairing and staging options both inside and outside. This is also the meeting where we go over current market statistical data and come up with a suggested a list price and MLS launch date. Also, broker compliance documents get signed.
This is when you begin executing the to-do list we have created to bring your home to market at its gleaming best! Nothing is better than a great smelling, organized and clean home in the eyes of a homebuyer. We can provide vendor contacts that can help you with this process as well. This very important step transforms your home into an attractive space that appeals to a broad range of prospective buyers. First impressions count!
Your home is now ready for beautiful high resolution professional photography/video designed to make your home shine! These attractive photos will showcase your beautiful home and get you more showings. 
We can now load those gorgeous photos to your property listing and go live on MLS. All you need to do once your home is active, is keep it tidy for showings. We will handle the rest!